“I don’t know where to start. I first found and emailed Elayne and Norm when I was on vacation in Hawaii about 7 years ago. I was thinking about buying a uke and was not sure if I would carry on with it back in Canada. I emailed and they responded right away to tell me about the lessons in Dundas. The rest is history! I have been learning to play the uke from them ever since and I love it! The classes are well planned and presented in a very clear manner. There are several levels so you can start with the beginners classes and move up when you feel ready. I have also met many good friends there and am enjoying being part of two small groups where we focus on the music we love outside the classes. Elayne and Norm are amazing people and I feel so fortunate to have met them. They made the uke magical for me. Thanks Elayne and Norm”
Carol Stonehouse

A really good teacher is pretty special, but even better is a teacher who can make learning fun. And Elayne and Norm definitely make it fun! They take delight in everything their students do and they’re our biggest fans! They do it all-they teach, offer jams, organize workshops, keep us all informed about upcoming ukulele ceildihs/cruises/workshops and offer the latest and coolest ukuleles available for sale. They are talented musicians in their own right and just plain wonderful people!


Smiles and friendship are as important to our ukulele lessons taught by Elayne and Norm Ruplen as are learning, playing and singing during our classes! Their instructional style is relaxed and positive as they guide us to develop skills according to our levels of ability and interest and courage! They are impressed with each new skill we attempt! Both instructors are talented musicians who have played musical instruments since an early age and they are keen to share their passion with each of us, creating a warm and happy atmosphere in the classes and Jam. Learning to play the ukulele has added another facet to my life and after four years of lessons, I am keen to begin a 5th year to learn new skills, and have fun!

Kay Steel

At StringAlong Ukulele Elayne and Norm Ruplen believe that learning and playing the ukulele should be fun. They have created a community of learners where people of varying skills and ages enjoy learning and playing music together. StringAlong Ukulele lessons are consistently well prepared and taught to meet the range of abilities, interests, and goals of StringAlong Ukulele students. There is learning, laughter, and music in all StringAlong Ukulele lessons and jams.

Leonard Barreca

Elayne and Norm have created a wonderful environment through StringAlong Ukulele for learning and playing ukulele and singing together, for all of us at all skills levels. They encourage and challenge us and it’s a lot of fun.

Margaret Taylor

I’ve been taking ukulele lessons from Elayne and Norm at StringAlong Ukulele, for about five years. Because of their enthusiasm for the instrument, I’ve developed a great love for the ukulele. They use a proven method of teaching (and both were elementary school teachers) that is successful for the beginner as well as more advanced players. Their carefully researched books coordinate with the lessons perfectly. I highly recommend both their weekly lessons and the books that they have published as well.

Nancy Parkhill

As a member of the Dundas String Along Ukulele group for the past several years, I cannot thank Norm & Elayne enough for their infectious enthusiasm, their undying commitment to their students and their continuous encouragement, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player. Their love of music and teaching is contagious. No matter how busy my day, or how many stressors are in my life, when I participate in the Ukulele group all of that disappears. It’s like magic!

Valerie Cannon

Jim and I both want to let you know how much we have enjoyed our ukulele lessons and jams this year. We appreciate the work you two have done over many years to select and score music that is easy for beginners to play and a lot of fun to play and sing. The songs we have been learning continue singing in our heads for days, adding to the enjoyment! We also appreciate the graceful and energetic teaching that you both do, imparting information in style and sequence so that it is easy to understand and making abstract musical concepts real with lively examples. Best of all is your skill and joy at getting students right into the experience of making music and having fun with it! We wish you both a happy and relaxing summer and look forward to continuing in the fall.

Jim and Jane Richardson